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What does BookWhirl mean?

BookWhirl is an amalgamation of the words book and adventure. The company’s name is inspired by the word “venture” and is meant to symbolize the company’s priority to provide solutions to the many book publishing related challenges faced by clients every day.

Where are you located?

Our address is 1000 Country Ln Ste 300 Ishpeming MI 49849. Our toll-free number is 1 – 877 – 276 – 9751 and our facsimile number is 1 – 877 – 684 – 1686.

What do I need to know about BookWhirl?

BookVenture was founded in 2014, and follows the rule of prioritizing the needs of the author above all else. The company was created to combat the many challenges that self-published authors encounters every day and to make the process of self-publishing as efficient and fun as possible.

Why should I choose to publish with BookWhirl?

BookVenture is an author-centric self-publishing company where the needs of the author are number one. With BookVenture you have full control to the rights of your book. You are also given 80% of all your book royalties and a cavalcade of incredible services that includes unlimited wholesale and retail availability, access to first rate illustrators, Publicity, Marketing, Post-production Services and to top it all off Lifetime Post-Publication Support. All in all these services are designed to give you full-time assistance in achieving your self-publishing goals.

Do I still own the rights to my book if I publish with BookWhirl?

Yes. Certainly, you keep and retain ownership of the rights to your book forever.

Can I publish my book with BookWhirl and another publisher, too?

Yes. You have full rights to your book and you can do whatever your plans for it: publish your materials with another publisher, sell the rights to a motion picture industry, and the more.

How much does it cost to publish with BookWhirl?

You can publish with BookVenture for as low as $699.

Can I publish a non-English book with BookWhirl?

Yes. Any language can be published through BookVenture as long as there is a font that supports it.

Can BookWhirl publish my book if I live outside of the United States?

Yes. It is BookVenture’s mission to be of service to all aspiring writers anywhere in the world. We currently have world-wide distribution of self-published books included among the features of our publishing packages.