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Book Exhibit stretches out your chances of readership while your book takes the spotlight. The side benefit of these exhibits is your favorable time to interact with the rest of the literary organizations or to your fellow writers who shares the same passion. Your book will be starring on both national and international book fairs granting you a perfect way to communicate personally with your readers and establish a great connection. Book Fairs also comprise the rest of the services suchlike Social Media account a free Media Release Campaign service to exhaust all areas of marketing strategy.

Book Exhibit National International
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Book Fairs excites bibliophiles as much as authors do. We want to make every scope of opportunity to be harnessed. National Book Fair service endows you the chance to show off your brand in a national event covering metropolitan areas, your country location, and even in far-off states. National Book Fair renders a facet of inclusions to embed your brand in a Full-Page Ad or make a stir in social media.

National Package highlights the following:

 Inclusion in National Book Fair
 Full-page Ad in Exhibit Catalog
 Media Release Campaign – 2,000 US Media Channels (Newspaper, TV & Radio)
 MRC Featured at Bookwhirl’s website
 MRC Featured at Bookwhirl’s social media network


Why delimit your scope of opportunity when you can branch out or take your brand across the globe? International Book Fair continues to shed a light on authors who strives for global recognition; getting acquainted with book foreign distributors, retailers, international literary groups, and readers on a worldwide basis. Envision success with no boundary!

National Package highlights the following:

 Inclusion in International Book Exhibit
 Full-page Ad in Exhibit Catalog
 Media Release Campaign – 2,000 US Media Channels (Newspaper, TV & Radio)
 MRC Featured at Bookwhirl’s website
 MRC Featured at Bookwhirl’s social media network

Book Expo Schedule

Pick your desired expo(s) that will fit in to your marketing/publicity plan.*

Show Name Type Show Date Location Deadline
2020 Public Library Association National Feb 26, 2020 – Feb 28, 2020 Nashville, TN 3-Feb-20
2020 London Book Fair New Title Showcase International Mar 10, 2020 – Mar 12, 2020 London, UK 11-Feb-20
2020 Bologna Children’s Book Fair International May 04, 2020 – May 07, 2020 Bologna, Italy 15-Apr-20
2020 BookExpo New Title Showcase International May 27, 2020 – May 31, 2020 New York, NY 6-May-20
2020 American Library Association Annual Conference National Jun 26, 2020 – Jun 29, 2020 Chicago, IL 5-Jun-20
2020 Beijing International Book Fair International Aug 26, 2020 – Aug 30,2020 Beijing, China 10-Jul-20
2020 Frankfurt International Book Fair International Oct 11, 2020 – Oct 15, 2020 Frankfurt, Germany 11-Sep-20
2020 Sharjah International Book Fair International Nov 04, 2020 – Nov 14, 2020 Sharjah, UAE 21-Sep-20
2020 National Council Teachers of English National Nov 23, 2020 – Nov 24, 2020 Denver, CO 23-Oct-20
2020 Guadalajara International Book Fair International Nov 28, 2020 – Dec 06, 2020 Guadalajara, Mexico 2-Nov-20


Disclaimer: The charges for International and National package of the Book Fair Service is not applicable to BookExpo America and London Book Fair Exhibits.