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Bookwhirl’s ultimate drift is to offer you the best author treatment you’re entitled to; not by any means of our personal gain alone but for the growth of your writing journey with us. Our authors have affirmed how our service and packages fulfilled and smoothed their publishing needs, we want to fulfill yours too! See how our authors’ publishing experience with us will drive you to publish your literary art.

Donald B. Dodge, author of White Wolf, on BookWhirl.org’s Book to Screenplay

“I am very proud of BookWhirl and how wonderful they treated me, and help with my book. Lyla Ford is wonderful to work for. She is very loving and caring in so many ways. She has worked very hard at helping my book to become a film and well to sell the book itself.”

Karen O. Allen, author of Confronting Cancer with Faith, on BookWhirl.org’s International Book Fair

“I am honored to be selected by BookWhirl to be represented at the Int’l Book Fair in Germany. Lyla was diligent in her pursuit for which I am appreciative. She has been patient with all of my questions.

As a new client, I am excited to be a part of BookWhirl’s goals and hope that we can work together to achieve international presence!”

Virginia Stevens, M.Ed, author of Introducing Middle School, on BookWhirl.org’s Media Release Campaign 

“I would like to thank Bookwhirl and Lyla Ford for publishing my book , and all of Lyla’s effort and energy to find venues for promoting my book to the world”

Richard Sills, author of Christmas Story, on BookWhirl.org’s Media Release Campaign

“Yes! My overall experience was great!”

JoAnne Ciscely Nanton, author of Out of Dreams Comes… The Artistic Edge, on BookWhirl.org’s Publishers Weekly

“BookWhirl has provided me with an opportunity and platform to share my poetic voice with the world. I am especially grateful for their presence, patience and availability whenever needed.”

George Curletto, author of The Oblique Nonsense of it All, on BookWhirl.org’s International Book Fair

“I want to believe it’s a good one and trust that you will make it so, for me highly recommended BookWhirl to all my friends. Let’s give it indeed a WHIRL!… Thanks G.C.”

Peggy W. Felllouris, author of Dancing in the Rain, on BookWhirl.org’s Book Fair

“Yes! I would recommend Book Whirl and Lyla Ford has been excellent.”

Donald B. Dodge, author of White Wolf, on BookWhirl.org’s Book Fair

“I would highly recommend Book Whirl to anyone who wants to sign up and help sell their books. Lyla Ford is a wonderful person to deal with. Your book is in good hands with Lyla.”

JoAnne Ciscely Nanton, author of Out of Dreams Comes… The Artistic Edge, on BookWhirl.org’s Book Fair

“A dream come true. I am grateful for the professional approach given to my work as an artist and the patience. I further delight in being able to explore my creativity more fully and to share this divinelu-inspired gift with others.”

Joyce FitzGerald Galloway, author of The Cats Who Love(d) Me And The One Who Doesn’t, on BookWhirl.org’s Book Fair

“Excellent! Yes, I would recommend to others.”

Rolic Oboh, author of The Treasure Hunt, on BookWhirl.org’s Book Fair

“I am very pleased with BookWhirl and would recommend them to authors, publishers and book agents. This organisation is very professional and supportive of authors like myself. I have felt very much appreciated from the initial contact by Ms Lyla Ford and all through the process of preparing my book for the upcoming book fair in March.”

Polly Parke, author of American Holiday CookBook: A Celebration of History, Tradition and Food, on BookWhirl.org’s Book Exhibit

“Professional. I would recommend to others.”

Esther Matz, author of Death of a Judge, on BookWhirl.org’s Book Exhibit

“My experience has been good so far. Thanks”

John T Winthrop, author of The Principle of True Representation: Mind, Matter and Geometry in a Self-Consistent Universe, on BookWhirl.org’s Book Exhibit

“My overall experience with BookWhirl is very good. Friendly and comprehensive service. I would definitely recommend BookWhirl to others”

Judith M. Leftoff, author of Two Daniels, on BookWhirl.org

“Yes, I have recommended BookWhirl to others. You all have been very patient with me at a time during this pandemic. Thanks!”

Stephen R. Gagin, author of BRAVO TWO Sierra, on BookWhirl.org’s Screenplay

“I have enjoyed my experience with Bookwhirl”

Jim Boersema, author of LOVELESS IN THE NAM, on BookWhirl.org’s Ingram Magazine Ad

“I have worked with Lyla Ford of Bookwhirl for years and would definitely recommend them.”

Beverly Slomka, author of Teens and The Job Game, on the factors that made her market her book using BookWhirl.org’s Email Advertisement Campaign

“I always want to make sure that a company I’m dealing with, and sending money to, is legitimate. In fact, I checked on Bookwhirl.com with the Better Business Bureau. After that, once I started speaking with the staff, I felt that the company was honest… The opportunity to e-mail thousands of potential buyers at much less the cost of my self-publishing company”

Thalia Cayetano, author of Heart-Warming Stories of Love and Miracles, on BookWhirl.org’s Email Advertisement Campaign

 “It’s excellent! Nothing more, nothing less. It is superbly written… I am very pleased with the design and layout of the advertisement. It is striking and interesting.”

Gail Soberg – Sorenson, author of LIFE AFTER DEATH, on BookWhirl.com’s Email Advertisement Campaign

“We had some fits and starts at the beginning of  our business together in getting “Life After Death” ready for publication and it is certainly  true that I have been irritating and nearly  impossible to work with and for that you have my  most humble apology. But once we understood each others desires and expectations we came together to produce a novel that is worthy and lacking in mundanity.

This project took a lot of hard work on your part and that of your staff to get it to what it is today. The graphics people did a superb job on the cover, front and back. The enterior is attractive with special additions that make it splendid. The web page is done well, attractive and eye catching. The post cards are remarkable and will do very well to promote the sale of the book. The shipping of the books and post cards was done is beyond normal standard, well packaged and protected. The ad on your website is superior to any I have seen before.

Thus, if this book doesn’t sell it is not from  lack of effort on the part of BookWhirl! I want to thank you very much for a job well done. Should I decide to write another book, and I surely will, I will turn to you once again for publication assistance, if you would be willing to have me.”