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Bookwhirl has scaled up their paradigm from an online marketing service distributor up to a reputed self-publishing company— founded to make an impact in the publishing regime and carry out the needs of every author who are reluctant about self-publishing. It is within our willingness to inculcate how self-publishing can be a fulfilling experience when it is employed with right amount of support from professionals and publishing resources. Unlike any other self-publishing companies, rest assured our publishing package and services are equipped with quality services that comes at a fair price. Each package and services is loaded with every feature devised and created to cope with your manuscript needs. Bookwhirl remained committed to our visions and objectives not for our benefit alone, but for the success of our authors. Bookwhirl Publishing comprises a core team of professionals: editors, web-designers, illustrators, sound engineers, illustrators, publicist, and the rest of our hired professionals that will make every way possible to publish the book you envisioned. We stay true in granting authors the liberty of expressing their story at a global scale through our innovative publishing strategies and various online marketing platforms within your reach.